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The Housing Choice Voucher Program waiting list was CLOSED on May 3, 2016 and not currently accepting applications.

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Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS )Program

Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) is a program established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1990 by Section 554 of the National Affordable Housing Act. The FSS program encourages communities to develop local strategies to help assisted families obtain employment that will lead to economic independence and self-sufficiency. Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) work with schools, businesses, and other local partners to develop a comprehensive program that gives participating FSS family members the skills and experience to enable them to obtain employment that pays a living wage.

The objective of the FSS program is to reduce the dependency of families currently receiving rental assistance through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. Families participating in the FSS program are provided opportunities for education, job training, counseling, and other forms of social service assistance to obtain the education, employment, and business and social skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. The success of FSS families is measured by the number of FSS families who, as a result of participation in the program, have family members who obtain their first job, or who obtain higher paying jobs; no longer need benefits from one or more welfare programs; obtain a high school diploma or higher education degree; or accomplish similar goals that will assist the family in obtaining economic independence. Ultimately, FSS families will have an opportunity to own their own home.

The FSS Program provides access to education, job training & employment counseling, household skill training, entrepreneurial training, budget counseling, and homeownership counseling. Families who receive HUD assistance through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program are eligible to participate in the FSS program. The Housing Authority establishes an FSS program coordinating committee and develops an FSS action plan. This committee oversees the overall implementation of the FSS program.

Families who are eligible to participate in FSS should contact the Housing Authority's FSS Coordinator, India Beard, to discuss participation in the FSS program.

The FSS program is available to all families receiving Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher assistance. Applicants will be selected through a lottery and the PHAs may screen applicants for interest and motivation to participate, but may not screen for education, job history, credit rating, marital status or number of children.

FSS Escrow Account

An FSS escrow account is established by the Housing Authority for each participating family. An escrow credit, which is based on the increase in rent due to an increase in wages, is credited to the account during the term of the FSS contract. If the FSS participant completes the contract, meets their objectives and no member of the family is receiving welfare, the balance in the Escrow account is provided to the Head of the family.

If the Housing Authority terminates the FSS contract, or if the FSS participant fails to complete the contract and meet their objective, the family FSS escrow funds are no longer available.

The HATG and the head of each participating family execute an FSS Contract of Participation that specifies the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The 5-year FSS contract specifies individual goals and services for each family. Family members must fulfill all requirements in order to obtain full benefits. The FSS contract requires that the family comply with the lease, that all family members become independent of welfare, and that the head of the family seek and maintain suitable employment. Possible sanctions for noncompliance with the FSS contract are termination from the FSS program, forfeiture of the FSS escrow account, withholding or termination of supportive services, and termination of housing assistance. Participation of families in the FSS program is voluntary and cannot be a condition of receiving HUD-assisted housing.

Although it is hoped that families will no longer need housing assistance upon completion of the FSS program, some families that complete the program may still need assistance for housing. The law provides that a family may complete its FSS contract and receive its escrow while continuing to receive housing assistance under the voucher program.


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The Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is CLOSED and not accepting applications.

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