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Director’s Message

While the Federal Government has reduced funding for the Public Housing and Section 8 programs administered by HATG, we are still able to provide the type of service and quality housing our residents expect. This is not an easy task, and the future is dependent upon stabilizing funding at a sustainable level.

Thank you for visiting the Housing Authority of the Town of Greenwich (HATG). We are dedicated professionals providing the highest quality service to our residents while administrating a very progressive capital program and insuring the financial success of the authority, which guarantees quality safe and affordable housing well into the future.

The staff and I would like to welcome our new Commissioner Cathy Landy, who brings a wealth of experience and community knowledge to the job. We wish her great success in the future. Sincerely,

Anthony L. Johnson
Executive Director

2012 Highlights

2012 was another very successful and outstanding year for the Housing Authority of the Town of Greenwich. Here are some selected operating and financial highlights:

  • High Performer – Public Housing Program: For the sixth year in a row HATG was designated by HUD as a High Performing Housing authority.
  • High Performer – Section 8 Program: For the second year in a row, HATG was designated by HUD as a High Performing authority in the administration of this program.
  • Capital Fund – Due to outstanding administration of the HUD Capital Fund Program, HATG was awarded additional Capital Funds over and above the annual allotment. These funds were utilized to improve our Federal Housing Residences.
  • Safety – HATG experienced no major public safety incidents or serious crimes.
  • Financial Operation – In 2012 HATG increased total operating revenues by $370,000 dollars. The total operating surplus for 2012 was $2,000,000.
  • Financial Audit – HATG completed another year with an unqualified audit opinion.
  • Greenwich Close Mixed Income Development – Total revenue increased $75,000 and our operating surplus was $250,000. The property occupancy rate exceeded 98% for the year.
  • Occupancy Rate – In all of HATG’s housing programs including Federal, State, Section 8 and Market Rate housing we achieved over a 99% occupancy rate for the entire year. There were no evictions in 2012.
  • Rent Collection – In all of HATG’s housing programs including Federal, State, Section 8 and Market Rate we achieved over a 97% rate collection for the entire year.
  • Capital Improvements – HATG completed $1,021,620 in capital improvements, including the following projects:

Armstrong Court Armstrong Court
Wilbur Peck Court
Quarry Knoll I
Town Hall Annex
Town Hall Annex
Town Hall Annex
McKinney Terrace II
McKinney Terrace II
McKinney Terrace II
Parsonage Cottage
Greenwich Close
Greenwich Close
Greenwich Close
Greenwich Close
Stairwell Lighting Upgrade
Stairwell Painting
Generator Installation
Generator Installation
Roof/Soffit/ Façade Painting
Landscaping/ Sprinkler System
Basement Tile/Stair Tread
Attic Stairwell Installation
Boiler Room Remediation
Reading Room Construction
Driveway Repaving
Leasing Office ADA Upgrade
Repointing/ Brick Repair
Thermostat Control Valves
Lead Paint Removal

On-going projects include Roof/Siding/Façade upgrades for Quarry Knoll II, window replacement for Wilbur Peck Court, bathroom vent installations and playground replacement in Armstrong Court, kitchen replacement at Adams Garden, fence/roof/window replacement, lead abatement, driveway repaving, landscaping for Greenwich Close, New Elevator installation and ceiling tile/insulation installation at McKinney Elderly, Elevator Upgrade at Town Hall Annex, and grease trap installation at Parsonage Cottage.

Financial Activities

Town Hall Annex – The limited partnership interest of all of our financial partners in the property was acquired through donation by the partners, returning complete ownership to HATG.

Greenwich Close – In 2012 HATG called our outstanding bond issue which carried an interest rate of 7% and refinanced with $17,500,000 in bond financing. HATG obtained an interest rate of 3.78% resulting in savings of interest cost of $400,000 annually. This refinancing also requires that approximately $2,000,000 dollars are reinvested in major capital improvements. Major improvements will be as follows:

  • Roof replacement
  • New windows
  • Railing painting
  • Lead abatement
  • Bathroom vanity replacement
  • Driveway paving
  • Elevator replacement
  • Kitchen modernization

Parsonage Cottage – In Dec 31 of 2011, the Tax Credit Partnership that was established to finance renovations when the facility opened expired, thereby creating the opportunity for HATG to acquire the limited partner’s interest. HATG has begun the process of acquiring the partners’ interest.

Development Activities

HATG has begun the preliminary work necessary to construct 12 additional units at our Adams Garden Residence. We have begun speaking with our elected officials, local residents, neighbors and State oversight agencies about this possible project. The site is owned by the Greenwich Housing Authority and the units could easily be absorbed into the community with minimal disruption.

Services to the residents funded by HATG and provided in conjunction with our partnering agencies:

  • A day care and preschool is provided in our Armstrong Court development. This service is run by Family Centers.
  • The Armstrong Court Community Garden is run by Patty Sechi and it provides gardening plots for the residents of Greenwich.
  • CCI gives computer classes at our Wilbur Peck Court development.
  • Our Family Self Sufficiency program puts cash into an escrow account for the duration of the program which is seven years. The program is coordinated by Family Centers whom provides residents with tools to become self-sufficient, such as, home ownership counseling, job placement, credit correction, etc… Since the beginning of the program a total of $104,080 was paid out to eleven families that completed their participation of the program. These funds can be used towards buying a house, education, or paying off any debt that the family might have.
  • HATG has an onsite social worker to service our residents and we also work with the Social Services Department in Town Hall.
  • HATG holds three annual block parties at our three largest family developments.