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Capital Projects

Capital Projects

Most Recent Capital Projects

CDBG -Projects in progress for 2015
✔ Adams Garden Kitchen Upgrade
• Parsonage Cottage Emergency call System Upgrade
✔ Armstrong Court Boiler System Replacement

Greenwich Close Capital Improvements in progress for 2015
• Pocket Park
• Reconditioning back hallways and laundry rooms with new floors, new lighting and paint
• Replacing common area lighting and outdoor lighting
• Building large storage room
• Clean garage floors and paint walls
• Build a community room

Parsonage Cottage Capital Improvements in progress for 2015
• Dining Room Sliding Door Installation

Strickland Improvements in Progress for 2015
• Renovation of Strickland Cottage

Capital Projects

Strickland Improvements Completed in 2014
✔ Renovation of Strickland house, 2 units
✔ Renovation of Strickland Duplex, 2 units
✔ Landscaping

Greenwich Close Capital Improvements completed in 2014
✔ Roof Replacement
✔ Rail Painting
✔ Window Lead Abatement
✔ Window Replacement
✔ Lintel Repair
✔ Kitchen Cabinet Replacement
✔ Foyer Floor Replacement
✔ Elevator Upgrades
✔ Fence Replacement

HUD Capital Fund – Projects completed in 2014
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Window Replacement

CDBG – Projects completed in 2014
✔ McKinney Terrace II Elevator Upgrade
✔ Quarry Knoll II Siding and Roof Replacement
✔ Armstrong Court Playground Upgrade
✔ Parsonage Cottage Grease Trap Installation

Greenwich Close Capital Improvements completed in 2013
✔ Boiler Steam Control Installation
✔ Thermostatic Control Valve Installtion
✔ Pavement and Sidewalk Replacement
✔ Brick Repointing
✔ Painted Stairwell

HUD Capital Fund – Projects Completed in 2012
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Generator Installation
✔ Quarry Knoll I Generator Installation
✔ CDBG – Projects Completed in 2011
✔ Armstrong Court Stairwell Painting
✔ Armstrong Court Sidewalk Improvements
✔ Armstrong Court Safety Improvements
✔ Armstrong Court Landscaping
✔ McKinney Terrace II Reading Room

CDBG – Projects Completed in 2012
✔ McKinney Terrace Attic Stair Installation
✔ McKinney Terrace II Ceiling Tile Replacement and Insulation Installation
✔ Armstrong Court Bathroom Vents Installation
✔ Armstrong Court Stairwell Lighting Upgrade
✔ Parsonage Cottage Driveway Repair

Reserves – Projects Completed in 2012
✔ Town Hall Annex Landscaping
✔ Town Hall Annex Floor Tile Replacement
✔ Town Hall Annex Roof PaintingHUD Capital Fund – Projects Completed in 2011
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Security System Upgrade
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Lighting Upgrade
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Landscape Improvements
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Roof Replacement
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Boiler Replacement
✔ Wilbur Peck Court Drainage Improvements